What you need to know Fashion trends About GLENI Collections Craftsmanship


Our previous article rounded up the very latest and trendiest colors for 2009, fresh from the top Italian and international fashion houses - where the mood is bright and joyful with an exuberant zest for life.

And what if all these wonderful colors were to be combined with top quality, luxury python skins produced to high standards of excellence?

The Gleni team can promise you the perfect marriage of quality and color, guaranteeing the excellence of our luxury handbags and accessories, which are entirely hand-made by our Italian master leather-workers, in the many exclusive, stunning colors that we have described previously.

Natural, decorative designs of  python leather

Our handbags and accessories. which are made from the very best, painstakingly hand-colored python skin, will render these colors even more beautiful and striking, as the immense care that goes into the coloring of the python skin only adds to the refinement of the colors themselves.

Python skin, unlike all other sorts of leather, has its own natural, decorative designs, before the coloring process has even started. During the tanning and coloring processes, these natural patterns are brought out and emphasized with careful shading and use of color, which all goes to create truly exclusive bags that are genuine works of art in themselves.

The same fine, fashion colors, used on python skin take on a different look, gaining in intensity and depth and becoming even more stylish, natural and striking than is possible on any other type of leather. On python skin, we can play with colors, creating subtle shadings, contrasts, alternating translucent color with opaque. From one single fashion color we can create several tones and shades that, when applied to the python skin result in an exclusive, completely original and even more fashionable bag. We can obtain rare color effects, which give character to your bags, chiaro scuro effects that are simply not possible to recreate on calfskin, without the risk of ending up with a truly horrible melée of color.

Gleni's staff, who have many years of experience working with python skin, know exactly how to create a really special handbag, which attracts attention not just for its excellent design and perfect finishing but also for the originality of the coloring.

In fact, even though in each of our collections we pay particular attention to the latest fashion trends and so to the color tones that are in vogue each season, all our colors have a touch of originality, a particular shade that makes them stand out from the crowd, also thanks to the use of python skin, which is especially well suited to the innovative use of color.

When you buy a handbag from Gleni, you will be at the forefront of fashion, but at the same time you'll keep your own touch of originality and individuality, so that you stand out from the crowd, as we guarantee that each one of our bags is one of a kind: hand-made and individually hand-colored, each bag displays its own unique patterns and shades of color.

It’s important to understand that color plays a crucial role in accessories like handbags: it is the color, that adds that extra something to our look: it can highlight some of our special characteristics or perhaps simply give us an extra touch of joy, warmth and optimism.
Buying  a bag, therefore, not only allows you to be fashionable but at the same time distinguishes you from the masses.

But, what are the new python colors for 2009?  Let’s look at them in detail!


BROWNY/ BRUNELLO, as its name suggests, is a truly autumnal  color, being a dark brown color with a vein of burgundy running through it. It is a very beautiful shade, recalling the bountiful earth and so it is a very warm shade, perfect for wearing in cold periods as it gives you vigor and warmth, so you can face the winter’s rigors with more strength.  This color is very easy to match with clothes and other accessories, subtle but at the same time original, thanks to the burgundy "brush strokes" that make it accessible and attractive for all ages, from the younger and most spirited girls to the most elegant and refined ladies.

Violet color python skin

VIOLET/VIOLA is a color that continues to be in fashion this winter as well, having taken 2008 by storm. This hue has several significances:  it is the color of inspiration and fascination, a mix between the intrigue of red and the calm of light-blue. Violet is very easy to combine with other winter colors and gives a touch of vitality and joy to your look without clashing or being too obvious, making you look elegant and very attractive thanks to its subtle nuances, which will give you a mysterious air and plenty of sex appeal.

SUNFLOWER Python leather

SUNFLOWER/GIRASOLE is the color made for those who want to fight off the winter blues. It’s a very sunny shade and, just like the flower from which it takes its name, it surrounds and enfolds whoever wears it with good humor and resilience. This color has veins of green running through it, a spring color, that is the embodiment of hope and therefore of positivity and balance. This tone comes from mixing yellow and blue, land and sky, uniting the beneficial properties of each: the optimism of yellow and the purity of blue. As well as going easily with other colors, a genuine python handbag in Sunflower will be pleasing to the touch, acting as a wonderful stress release,  both due to the color’s characteristics and to the softness of the beautiful python leather.

Iris python leather

IRIS/IRIDE is a combination of colors such as white, various shades of gray and sparkling silver. It 's definitively a bright color (with plenty of white) but at the same time it is wintry (with its grays and silver) and gives  you the sensation of being be in the snow, teasing the mind with pleasurable memories, made up of light, peace and silence (the snow, as you know, absorbs sound and hides any other color under its cloak). The wearer will thus have very positive feelings of safety and security that will certainly influence their every gesture. This color is also exceptionally versatile and of great elegance and charm, just right for those who love to be pampered and perfect the whole day through.

Antique Gold Color

ANTIQUE GOLD/ ORO ANTICO, on the other hand, even though it has all the brightness of Iride, is a very different color, reminiscent of the precious metal from which it takes its name. Under a light it becomes iridescent, beautiful and unique. In fact, it captures whatever colors are close to it and melds with them, creating new metallic shades that are surprising and very charming. This color constantly changes and it is perfect for those who don’t like to stay still and prefer to be the center of attention and surprise everyone, including themselves.

Python leather - London smoke
LONDON SMOKE/FUMO DI LONDRA, as you can imagine from the name which recalls the sky of the well known capital, is the union of several shades of gray and black, which create plays of light and shadow which are really fascinating and very refined. It's a color that goes perfectly with autumn and winter, integrating and improving these seasons, so that you can appreciate their beauty. Perfect in any combination, it is unique and very fashionable when matched with elegant clothes but also adds elegance to a more casual and informal look. It 's a color that, unexpectedly, gives resilience and determination to the wearer, helping  him/her to overcome any dispute with tenacity and common sense.

Bluette Color

BLUETTE, original and young, this color results from of the combination of several shades of blue and black and can be considered a cult color for this winter season when dark blue is so in vogue. This is a bright tone which adds vitality and life to grey winter skies and cities, bringing a boost of energy everywhere it goes. Bluette perfectly fits those who love exuberance and initiative but also those who love class and elegance: a fusion of thousands of emotions in a single color.


However, there are some python colors from our last 2008 python handbag collection which are still extremely trendy  this year  too: very attractive and gorgeous shades which will continue to give you a stunning and fashionable look as you stride confidently into 2009.  We thought we should refresh your mind by presenting them to you once more, so you can choose your most favorite color from a wider variety of wonderful shades:

Colors Citrus
Our CITRUS/AGRUMI color is created from the perfect fusion of a delicate orange, the color of an orange fresh from the tree, with the bright yellow of lemons. Perfectly harmonious, it emanates cheerfulness and a positive, joyous outlook, bringing to mind the vast expanses or lemon and orange orchards in the beautiful Sicilian hills, so that you can almost catch their heady perfume blowing on the breeze. Citrus is the color of summer, the blossoming of life, of hot sun-drenched days, a color that goes perfectly with all styles of clothes and which will fill you with a sense of well-being, of being at peace with yourself and the world around you.

CHESTNUT / CASTAGNA is a rather more subtle and restrained color than CITRUS, but is just as beautiful and stylish. Its tones tend towards brown, but it is not in the least dark and wintry. CHESTNUT has reddish overtones, recalling the rolling expanses of ploughed red earth in the Tuscan hills drenched in summer sunlight, which picks out the myriad gradations of warm earth tones. It shades are very much part of the summer countryside, with the varying gradations of earth browns, but as the name suggests it is a color that is also perfect for fall, as just like the chestnut itself, the color opens out to reveal a multitude of wonderful shades, making each bag even more appealing and stylish.

We have also paid particular attention to the color purple and have developed a very special shade, also connected with the colors of nature, which we have named after one of the most beautiful and romantic flowers in the world, the ORCHID / ORCHIDEA.

This color, though it has only been released for a few days, is already proving very popular with all our clients, especially among our most discerning clients who insist on top quality products that are completely in step with the latest fashion trends.

ORCHID retains some of the shades of classic purple, but it is a dynamic, vibrant, fresh purple, with pinkish reflections that will bring even more light and energy to your summer. ORCHID  is the color of happiness and attraction and we recommend it to all women who want their summer to be truly memorable.


Our other major new color is FOREST GREEN / SOTTOBOSCO, an exciting color that, perhaps more than any other, connects us with nature, the color of shady woods, mossy glades and grand expanses of conifers. It is a special mix of colors, a touch of olive green, interwoven with light and dark browns, giving a hue that brings warmth to cold winter evenings, and imbues long summer Sundays with calm: harmony for the senses and for the mind.


Our OLIVE BARK / OLIVE color was inspired by this year's latest fashion tones, but instead of just repeating it we have brought our brand's own special blend of originality and sophistication to its interpretation.  Olive is fairly soft color, tending towards olive green but with a hint of brown, very similar to the color of the trunks of real olive trees.. Here too, though we are following the latest fashion trends, we are still maintaining a deep connection with nature, with all its beautiful and health-giving gifts and by using these colors we aim to reflect in our bags that same serenity and harmony that we breathe in, when we spend time basking in the glories of a pastoral landscape or an expanse of woodland.

WALNUT / NOCE , a color we created a few months ago for our last season's collection, is also strongly influenced by the colors of nature that surround us. Picking up a walnut shell to study it closely we were amazed to see that its color is not just plain brown, but is full of intense shades of color. The harmonious amalgamation of these miniscule striations, which sometimes merge into one homogenous coloring made such an impression on us that we decided to try and reproduce this color with all its nuances for our handbags. Thus our WALNUT color was born, and perhaps because of the dedication that went into its creation, this tone was immediately a resounding success.


ECRU / PANNA is a very soft and delicate color that goes with everything and is perfect both for practical and comfortable bags for every day and for purses and clutches for special occasions. Its soothing tones instil peace and equilibrium and it is a color that works for any season … and any age!!!


Most of these colors described above can be applied to our trapper python skin, so the price is more affordable and convenient, while the quality remains, as always, equally excellent and prestigious.
So, don’t lose any time! Choose the color that suits you best, visit our Craftsman Laboratory or our Gleni Boutique and make your purchase!!!

Gleni: guarantee of a fresh, trendy, gorgeous look!!!!