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The latest trendy colors of 2009

Last year you gave us such enthusiastic feedback after our article about the newest fashion colors of 2008, that we thought you’d like to hear the very latest for this new year on the trendiest colors proposed for 2009, to give you a head-start on organizing your wardrobe so that you will always look fashionable and innovative in any situation, while maintaining your elegance and style.

So let’s see what new colors will be most fashionable in  2009!

If you read our past articles about the European fashion weeks, you will remember that one of the trendiest colors of 2009, is definitely WHITE, adopted by most of the Italian and European fashion houses as the color best suited to enhancing women’s elegance and charm. Considered an ethereal color, white goes well with every look, with jeans or with an elegant skirt and it is definitely a flattering color for the female form, giving you a touch of prestige and style. This color will dominate the fashion scene throughout 2009, being the perfect color to wear both in winter and in summer. On cold winter afternoons it gives you light and a sense of harmony, but it also gives you a feeling of freshness and harmony in the summer season. White is a perennial shade that never goes out of fashion, despite the passing of years, and its explosion on to the fashion scene in 2009, will show us exactly why that is!

However, BLACK which has always been the ultimate symbol of undisputed elegance and luxury style, will also be fashionable this year, thanks to its classic refinement. Looking at the shop windows of the top Italian labels and boutiques, you will always see something in black, as this color enhances your look, giving you elegance, sophistication and having a wonderfully slimming effect.

Metallic colors, such as SILVER and GOLD will be living a second youth in 2009, because their brightness and vivid shades are just what the new woman of 2009 needs to express herself and her personality. Woman is seen as the centre of the world, she is the mover and shaker and everything depends on her; so she has to be bright and visible like a shining star. Silver and gold are fundamental elements of a woman’s look and they are used for everything: shoes, handbags, jewels, shirts, tights. The new fashionable woman of 2009 wears metallic colors both in the evening, for a special party or ceremony and in the day, when she is at work or out socializing and wants to be absolutely chic.

Despite having been in vogue for more than a year already, the popularity of PURPLE continues to endure this year too, deeply appreciated by many Italian designers who have focused the best part of their collections just on this color, combining it with more sober colors or with metallic shades, in order to create a really stunning mix. Violet will be in the shop windows of the most important boutiques all around the world again, available in all its many striking shades: fuchsia, wine, lilac, deep purple or dark violet. It will continue to be popular especially among the young, who are ready to follow the latest fashion trends, even when fashion goes to extravagant lengths.

Stunning and absolutely trendy new entries for 2009 are colors such as EMERALD GREEN, TURQUOISE and ELECTRIC BLUE, very strong and vivid tones, which were presented at Milan fashion week, and are already having great success not only here in Italy but all around the world. Emerald green and turquoise can be considered two typically summer colors because they remind us of the ocean waves, the crystalline sea water and the freshness of summer evenings, but, many people are already wearing these shades to counteract the winter clouds, fog and rain, and get through this cold season as fast as possible, projecting themselves forwards into a beautiful summery atmosphere.

Electric blue is the typical color of the Mediterranean Sea, a deep intense blue which gives you a touch of innovative style but is at the same time extremely gorgeous and prestigious. It will add an undisputed touch of originality and romanticism to your look, the same intense romanticism of the sea at sunset, when the water becomes deeper colored and the view is breath-taking.

However, if you don’t like very bright and exuberant colors, don’t worry because classic shades, such as LIGHT GREY or BROWN are also incredibly fashionable this year.  Both these colors, thanks to their subtlety and exceptional wearability, have been particularly favored by many world-famous designers, above all in their winter collections, because they are warm, natural and very elegant. Brown and grey, as tonalities, go perfectly with every other color and every look, and this is why they are not only used for clothing but also for accessories such as shoes, handbags and belts, both for men and for women. Next to black and white, these two shades embody elegance, and classic style and they are exactly right for 2009, where everything is purely based on beauty and extreme refinement.


RED will be the trendiest color of 2009 in France and in Britain, more so than here in Italy, where its place is still occupied by VIOLET. We can affirm that because, according the past European fashion weeks celebrated in Paris and in London, both French and British designers focused most of their collections solely on red, red being the color of passion, of love and originality and, in their opinion, it is the best color to enhance the image of the new woman, a dynamic and sensual creature who, is now free to express herself and her personality through her body and her look. She is the centre of the world and red best enhances this important concept. Italy too is bound to be conquered by this vivid red trend but, unlike France or England, Italian fashion of 2009 will be more linked to violet than to red, basing on what was proposed by our Italian designers. Gleni has been examining all the newest fashion trends, and we have brought our vast range of python colors up to date, creating new, attractive and fashionable colors, so that you will always look fashionable and still enjoy the luxury prestige and refinement guaranteed by our genuine python products.


Do you want to discover all our newest python colors for the year 2009? Click here and ….. enjoy browsing!!!!!

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