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Ostrich skin is always guarantee of elegance and prestige. It is extremely soft to the touch and, thanks to its many quill follicles which characterize this leather, every item made of it, becomes a sort of jewel to admire with attention.

Ostrich is also very trendy and extremely resiliant so we have thought to enlarge our handbags collection, creating some models with genuine ostrich skin. The refinement of this soft and prestigious leather is joined to the perfect craftsmanship assured by our 100% italian artisans who hand-make every product with extreme care and attention in order to always guarantee our customers a top italian product which is symbol of the TRUE MADE IN ITALY

However, our new ostrich handbags are not the only surprise for this summer 2008.
We have also thought to the dynamic woman who likes elegance but also fashion and practicality, creating for her a new style of python handbags called PATCHWORK.

They are always realized with genuine python skin but the leather is divided in many triangular pieces having different colors, in order to give these bags a more youthful touch, making them easilier combined on clothes and more affordable in price.

We also desire introducing you our new belts realized with exotic skin provided with new buckles and a more fashion style, perfect either on a jeans or on a more elegant cloth. They can be realized either with trapper or with indio python skin, according to your personal tastes and desires of elegance, but if you like the new PATCHWORK python leather, you can receive your belts realized according to this new style, without any problem.




We are really honoured to inform you that our new python handbags’ collection is finally ready, realized with many different styles and very innovative and fresh colours, in order to make your summer simply “special”.

In the creation of this new collection, our designers have directed their attention towards a dynamic and active woman who spends a lot of time out of her home and desires always be at her own ease among the people!

She needs a handbag which is not only extremely refined, elegant and involving but it should also be practical and comfortable in order to perfectly contain everything she wants to have by her side in every moment of her day!

Following these important criteria, we have realized very wide and practical handbags which gives the woman all the comfort she needs without renouncing to the elegance and the perfect manufacture which distinguish our brand.
We have enriched these handbags with wonderful pendents made of pearls and shining stones or with refined buckles covered with strasses, in order to give the item self a further touch of charme and brightness.

The colours too, we have realized this last collection with, are extremely elegant and fresh. Some of them are strong and extremely involving such as our new Orchidea colour, while other tonalities are softer but always elegant and seductive, such as the new Panna colour.

We really hope that you too could be captured by the essence of this new collection where the genuineness of the python skin and the elegance of the shapes, united to the freshness of the new tonalities will allow you to wear an exclusive Made in Italy luxury item, a high qualitative product that everybody envies you!!!

Enter now and discover you too the prestige of our Gleni handbags and leather accessories!



Christmas is a special moment; Live it with joy and harmony, fondled by the extreme softness of our handbags!!!

Christmas holidays are arriving and Gleni wishes its fond customers Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2008.

It takes this opportunity to inform all the buyers that the production will be stopped from December the 24th to January the 6th. It will be newly opened starting by January the 7th.

Our show room will be closed from December the 24th to December the 26th and from December the 31st to January the 1st.

However, you can continue placing your orders either on our e-catalogue (reserved to our wholesalers) or on our e-shops without any problem, remembering that the realization of your handbags will start only after January the 6th.

We hope that your Christmas time could be wonderful and full of beautiful surprises! We are waiting for you to start together a new positive and lucky 2008, submerged by the extraordinary elegance and refinement of our luxury items.

Moscow Fashion Expo 2007

Last month (from September the 9th to September the 12th) our company “Gleni handbags and accessories” took part to the prestigious Moscow Fashion Expo 2007, a very important fashion appointment organized in Moscow and normally attended by the most famous brands.

This sensational fashion event every year draws the attention of the best houses of fashion and of the most famous brands which, thanks to this important manifestation, have the possibility to present their newest collections and all the novelties concerning the fashion world.

The fair has been attented by the most refined and world known fashion companies and boutiques which have given the event a further touch of prestige and importance.

Gleni has been very honoured to have taken part to this wonderful Fashion Expo, and it has presented the new handbags collection, realized with the most involving colours and shapes to better satisfy all the feminine universe. The new collection offers a kind of handbag which is at the same time elegant, refined and practical; a handbag that our woman can wear in every occasion with the absolute conviction of being a special creature deserving something precious and charming.

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We have just brought up to date our handbags collection inserting new items realized either with cocco-ligator skin or with real python skin!
These new handbags have a more involving design, created to better satisfy all the necessities of our customers without giving up the elegance and the prestige which distinguish our brand!
Colours too are innovative and charming to better capture your senses and let you fall in love with them!
We really invite you to enter our Gleni Boutique to better see these new handbags and study every detail from different perspectives!
If you are a wholesaler, don’t hesitate to enter our Electronic Catalogue where you can also place your complete order on line, choosing the items you like most, the colour and the leather you want your handbags to be realized with!
If you are a retailer and you like our handbags available in our Gleni Boutique but you don’t like their colours, you can certainly enter our Craftsman Laboratory where you can order the same handbag you have seen in our Gleni Boutique but in a different colour or leather, according to your personal tastes.



We are finishing to prepare our new Craftsman Laboratory which has been deeply modified in order to let our customers place their order with extreme easiness!
All the order process has been simplified to better help you to choose the leather, the colour and the model of every ordered item with absolute ease and quiet.
The new e-shop will be opened within a week and we really hope that you like its new structure and that you can find it faster and easier to consult.

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