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Always very sensible to the news dictated by trends from all over the world, but very close to the tradition of the highest Italian artisanship, Gleni keeps on being the spokesperson of everyone who loves beautiful things – such as high-quality women's handbags realized with exotic leather - those who don't give up on the elegance and refinement of luxury accessories able to preserve their beauty over the years, without going out of fashion.

Since we perfectly know how much fashion lives thanks to the help of all that is not properly fashion – such as arts, music, performance and architecture – just like enviable spectators attending to a fashion show, we would like to offer you a brief but relevant piece of what Gleni's reality is. Women's handbags and accessories that provide to everyone her own style, delineating her own image.

Choosing the exotic leather as our basic material – ever since considered synonymous of prestige, sophistication and sensibility towards everything that is style – we give birth to delicious luxury handbags and accessories' collections that enchant the feminine world as if they were caught into a magic spell from which it would be wonderful never to wake up. So, let you be driven by those sensations of harmony, pleasure and delicateness that, at first sight, these images recreate, and, afterward, do not hesitate to test with your hands the preciousness and quality of our items.

An intense study of the models to be proposed, accurate selection of colors and shades, meticulous and detailed attention upon the artisanal production: these are the three main ingredients that make delicious our banquet we are proposing to you, able to satisfy even the most extravagant tastes and the most varied needs. There are linear shaped models for those who are not ready to abandon the classic and refined style, together with more vivid and bold colors for all those that even while choosing the bag of their dreams want to highlight their character and personality: everything wrapped in by the high-quality exotic leather, able by itself to turn into a precious jewel everything it touches.

If you find something that hits your attention and curiosity while watching at this video tape, come to have a look at our online boutique at www.gleniboutique.com where you can find handbags and accessories models for every taste!


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