Milano Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2019/2020

Milano Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2019/2020

March 4, 2019 0 By Cristina

Last Tuesday, February the 19th, opened in Milan the winter edition of Milano Fashion Week, the world-known fashion event dictating the style and the trends of the next Fall-Winter season 2019/2020 in the matter of woman look.

As always, many fashion writers, bloggers and journalists flew to Milan from every corner of the world to see, with their own eyes, all the novelties and new fashion trends presented by stylists for the next cold season 2019/2020.

This edition opened with very sad news for the whole world of fashion, that is with the announcement of the death of the famous stylist Karl Lagerfeld, leading figure and creative director of Chanel, spending the most part of his life and of his ability as designer in the research of a style that could let the woman express herself  in all her determination and self-reliance.

And it’s just the woman the focus theme of this edition of Milano Fashion Week, her desire to appear so as she is, without any censure or prohibition. The woman of the next cold season 2019/2020 will be a sort of “Lady Boss”, self-confident and independent, wearing typically masculine clothes but with femininity and natural sensuality. 

In this way, blazers with maxi shoulder pads, extra large high waisted trousers or shirts with starched collars are combined on short dresses, transparent blouses or midi skirts.

Milan Fashion week

Women are perfectly aware to be sensual creatures and they show this awareness through a strong but, at the same time, also comfortable look, made of oversized quilted jackets, leather coats, polo neck sweaters and cargo trousers worn in combination with veiled shirts, embroidered tops or shiny gold accessories, such as the ones proposed by Dolce & Gabbana.

The Must clothing of the woman’s look for the next cold season 2019-2020 is certainly the blazers or the jackets with maxi shoulder pads, a tribute to 80’s, made in velvet, like the ones proposed by Gucci, total white colour, as imagined by Dolce & Gabbana or in a smoking version, as suggested by Ermanno Scervino. Skirts are long till to the ankle, while trousers are high waisted and extra-large.

The night look, instead, enlighten the woman and enhance her shapes and her natural beauty.  Dresses are very long, with veiled embroideries or sharp slits. The ones proposed by Giorgio Armani are black and almost fully covered with shiny sequins. Dolce & Gabbana suggest the idea of a woman shining at night, letting her wear dresses realized in shiny gold taffeta or with laminated fabrics. Evening dresses are covered with paillettes or lined with gold decorations. Absolutely IN the classic black evening dress with veiled transparencies and embroideries. 

If the night look is an explosion of light and luxury in matter of fabrics, laces and tulles, almost all the Italian fashion houses taking part at this edition of Milano Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2019-2020 agree with the use of warm fabrics for the daily style, able to give comfort and let the woman feel at her own ease in any situation. Many stylists, however, focus their parades on the use of leather (genuine or fake) for the realization of extra-large jackets, dresses and coats, while others, such as Dolce & Gabbana use coloured fur to decorate bags. Next to leather, however, there is another very important comeback directly from the 80’s: one of laminated and lurex fabrics. Even for the day look, the woman wears laminated pullovers or laminated tailleurs declined in many different colours, from classic blue to yellow, from lilac to light pink, as suggested by Missoni. Alberta Ferretti instead, relies on the use of laminated and lurex fabrics for the creations of black, silver and gold evening dresses.

Welcome to the use of the handbag that returns to have a fundamental rule in the feminine look for the coming fall-winter season 2019/2020, declined in all sizes and shapes, from the most classic and linear ones to the most original and audacious, such as the ones branded Moschino. How do you have to wear it? Obviously clasped in hand, even if provided with strap.

Do you want to discover more in detail the styles, the most fashionable tonalities and the trendiest handbags of the next Fall-Winter season 2019-2020 according to what proposed by our world-known Italian fashion houses at the latest Milano Fashion Week?

Let’s see them together!

Giorgio Armani imagines the woman of the next cold season totally worn in blue and black. His collection is completely focused on black and blue, this one declined in all its variants, from the classic night blue to lighter shades. The intensity of these two Must tonalities is further enhanced using velvet combined on shinier fabrics, such as satin, for the daily look and on the use of sequins and veiled transparencies on the evening dresses for the night look.  The handbag is fundamental to complete the woman look for King Giorgio and it is always at her side, both during the day and at night. If the daily look imposes the use of comfortable maxi bags, structured leather briefcases or of printed crocodile backpacks, to rigorously clasp in hand, the evening dress imposes the use of the clutch that can have its classic rectangular shape or can be half-moon shaped. Its colour: absolutely blue or black!

Giorgio Armani handbags from Milano Fashion week

Dolce & Gabbana lets its models cross the catwalk wearing hats, ankle trousers, double-breasted jackets and extra-large overcoats. Fur and maculated fabrics are used to define the borders of precious clothes and for accessories, such as shoes and bags. The fabrics chosen by the two stylists for this collection are very precious, enrichen by golden details, shiny metals or covered by sequins and precious stones. Some evening dresses have a shiny gold bottom painted with floral decorations or are total black but interspersed with laces and veiled sections. Handbags too are precious and enriched by stones for the evening look, small sized, provided with jewel buckle and with detachable gold-chained strap. However, the woman branded Dolce & Gabbana doesn’t give up to luxury and prestige even during the day, given that she opts for handbags realized with fine printed exotic leathers, such as crocodile or for very elegant bags having a squared shape and enriched by jewel buckles. 

Milano Fashion week bags by Dolce & Gabbana

A sensual disorder and apparently casual juxtapositions that, on the contrary, are perfectly studied by the brand: this is Versace who combines many different elements together, giving the woman a solid, strong aspect but never giving up to her sensuality, here expressed by the use of stockings in acid colours for the daily look or by the creation of audacious low-cut dresses provided with long slits or enriched by gold chained decorations. Calf leather bags provided with chain and leather strap are clasped in hand so as the structured hobo available in many different colours and enriched by the logo V of the company in gold metal. Original and absolutely practical is the half-moon shaped clutch that is attached around the waistline as it were a pouch. 

Milano Fashion Week handbags by Versace

Roberto Cavalli in his fall-winter 2019/2020 fashion collection gives the image of a woman lover of luxury and femininity. She wears wide coats with abstract prints or dresses reminding to the exotic world, combined on wide trousers. At night, her look becomes more sensual thanks to the use of dresses “nude effect” enriched by rhinestones. Cavalli too, as proposed by Versace, opts for the clutch transformed into a pouch to comfortably wear around the waistline. The alternative? Clasp the clutch in hand, as usual, or hold it from the small chained strap. 

Roberto Cavalli at Milano Fashion Week

The woman branded Salvatore Ferragamo is concrete and very refined. She loves wearing comfortable maxi jackets or suits looking like pyjamas. Her bags too, for this reason, are very big and, sometimes she wears two bags together: a tote bag perfect for her daily shopping and a smaller but structured bag for all her needs.

Milano Fashion Week bag by Salvatore Ferragamo

The same proposal for bags comes from Gucci. This fashion house imagines the woman of the next cold season 2019-2020 as a practical creature wearing two bags different in size and structure in order to use the rightest bag for every different need. Structured bags must be clasped in hand while maxi coloured clutches can be indifferently held in hand or worn on the shoulder thanks to their chained strap. 

The version “double bag” is greatly appreciated also by Fendi that accompanies the classic hobo with a larger shopper, both combined in colour. Silvia Venturini Fendi also agrees with the idea of the clutch to wear around the waistline as a sort of pouch, in order to give the woman more freedom in her movements. However, nothing can obscure the Must bag of this famous Italian fashion house, that is the BAGUETTE, worn in this collection from the handles.

And you, what is the style of bags you like the most among the ones proposed at the Milano Fashion Weeks?

Let us know your point of view!



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