Choosing your handbag by color

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Chooding your handbag by colorMany women, when they are buying themselves a new bag, already have a particular color in mind before they decide on the style or size for their new handbag, which will soon become an integral part of their look and their daily life.

To help you find and purchase a bag more easily this way, Gleni have decided to create a series of pages to catalogue our bags according to the colors that are currently in vogue, so that you can go straight to a section that only has the bags available in the color of your choice and can view and compare them quickly and easily.


  • The elegance and prestige of brown handbags

    Luxury brown handbags

    Our first page catalogues all our handbags in shades of brown, but first we will give you a brief analysis of each of the many shades of brown that our products can be made in, according to the leather you choose.
    The brown handbag has always been a classic, going perfectly with everything and exuding elegance and refinement. It can be enjoyed both by girls taking their first tentative steps in the world of fashion and mature women who love restrained simplicity as well as style in their accessories.
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  • Silver handbags: everlasting charm and refinement

    Silver color

    The color silver, in our opinion, can definitely be counted as one of those ‘evergreen’ colors that are not affected by the passing of the years or the changes and developments in the fashion world. Silver has always held a prime position as one of the colors that is most in demand and appreciated, especially in the leather goods sector. […] Continue Reading…


  • GOLD handbags

    Gold color of handbags

    GOLD is the ultimate color of love, passion and elegance. It is a warm color that confers brilliance and harmony on those who wear it, as well as being an emblem of true prestige and beauty. It is no coincidence that many film stars and celebrities wear gold dresses to gala nights, to stand […] Continue Reading…



    Purple color of handbag

    Fashion collections for the autumn-winter 2008 season, are nearly all characterized by a return to dark colors. The most famous Italian fashion houses have presented on the catwalk, clothes made in warm colors such as brown and dark green, which give a sense of warmth to the greyness of the city on rainy autumn afternoons. […] Continue Reading…



    Black handbag

    The winter fashion season 2008/2009, is characterized by a return to the dark colors that are typical of winter. The most fashionable colors for the end of this year are gray, brown, white, purple, but also black, which, over the years despite the emergence of new trends, always remains in

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  • to be continued


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